fingers or toes

File and gel polish                                      £15

File and polish                                             £9

under 16

file and polish                                              £6

file and gel polish                                       £10

Gel Nail extensions                                     £20

Gel Nail extensions with a gel

polish finish                                                   £25

Tip and Dip acrylic nail extensions           £20

Tip and Dip acrylic nail extensions

with a gel polish finish                                £25

under 16

gel or acrylic extensions                           £15

*with a gel polish finish                             £18

Manicure/pedicure  with polish finish                                       £20           gel polish finish       £27

Manicure and pedicure with polish finish                                 £35            gel polish finish       £42                         

princess manicure/pedicure  (girls under 16)  polish             £14            gel polish finish       £17

princess manicure and pedicure (under 16) polish                 £23           gel polish finish       £26